The Abu Ghraib prison is one of has lately gained fame in the media and the academic communities due to torturous atrocities committed by the Americans soldiers together with the soldiers of the allied forces to the Iraqi prisoners. Abu Ghraib prison has been notorious even before the entry of the Americans and the allied forces. During the era of SaIDam Hussein’s leadership, the Abu Ghraib prison was the leading torture chamber where those that were opposed to the leadership of SaIDam Hussein were tortured to death. The entry of the allied forces led by America was a reprieve to the prison as the tortures were meant to end as the main aim of the allied forces was to eliminate the brutal leadership of SaIDam Hussein and hence eradicate degradation of human dignity as experienced in Abu Ghraib.

Contrary to this, the new governors of the country changed the prison to be a torture center especially for those considered to hold vital information towards the fallen regime. So brutal were the later tortures that when the pictures taken in the prison were released, they received condemnation form different quarters. From the British prime minister of the time, Tony Blair as cited in Roston and McAllister, (2004), the mission of the allied forces was to go and stop the torture and not to continue torturing the Iraqis. Former US president George Bush promised that the perpetrators would be brought to book for justice to be done

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