Analysis of a current research article

Analysis of a current research article

Topic: Analysis of a current research article

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Biology 360: Research Paper
Analysis of a Current Research Article
Describe and then critically analyze a recently published epidemiological research
article (your chosen research article should have been submitted and approved by
the instructor in Week 5.) The research article must be published within the past
three years and be an epidemiological study from a medical, nursing, or public
health primary literature journal. Primary literature refers to articles published in
professional peer reviewed journals. You may NOT cite newspaper or internet news
articles as your sources of information, although something you see in the news may
help you in choosing a topic. You may choose any topic that you find interesting as
long as some sort of population based (epidemiological) study was conducted. In
writing your paper, follow these guidelines.
1) Begin your paper by introducing the problem being investigated.
2) Then give a detailed description of the study (why it was done, who conducted it,
who the subjects were, what the results showed, and what the authors concluded
from the results).
3) After describing the article, you must use critical thinking to analyze it. Critical
thinking about epidemiological studies involves determining whether the
evidence gathered and described by the authors is appropriate to answer the
questions they are trying to answer and whether this evidence supports the
conclusions eventually drawn by the authors. To effectively, critically analyze a
study, it will be necessary to find one or more aIDitional study/studies done by
different researchers (or the same researchers at an earlier time) on the same or
a closely related topic and compare and contrast this/these studies to the study
you have chosen.
4) The last portion of the paper should state your conclusions regarding your
You must include at least two references showing where you derived your
information and those references are to be cited in the text of your paper.
Your completed paper should be 5-7 double-spaced pages in length (excluding title
page, abstract, and reference page) and conform to the APA standard format.
Once you have completed your paper and saved as a Word document, you must
submit the paper to your instructor via Turnitin (see the next item in the course
outline for this week).

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