Analyses the health effects on a person

Analyses the health effects on a person

Analyses the health effects on a person

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Assessment – Essay: Case history review
Aim of assessment

The aim of this assessment is to enable students to identify, critically examine and report on the effective nursing management of chronic illness in people with a functional disability across the lifespan. This will assist in better preparing the student for professional practice when working with people with a disability and chronic illness.

The Case History

Is a man that is 45 years with Down syndrome and a moderate intellectual disability? This man also has the following chronic illness – Diabetes Mellitus.

He lives in a community group home that is staffed by support workers and he attends a disability-specific day program Monday to Friday.

You are the community nurse managing the holistic care needs of this man.

You are to select either Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes mellitus to include in your essay- not both.

The Task

Review the literature and write a 1500 word essay that critically analyses the health effects on a person having Down syndrome, intellectual disability and a chronic illness and the impact of the nurses’ ability to promote the health and wellbeing of this person.

The assessment criterion consists of the following guided statements:

1. Critically analyse the health challenges that may arise across this man’s lifespan as a result of his Down syndrome, moderate intellectual disability and Type 1 or Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus. Interpret how these health challenges may impact on his health and wellbeing. (10 marks: approximately 300 -350 words)

2. Using the ICF Model, discuss how the man’s activity and participation are potentially affected across his lifespan. (10 marks: approximately 300 -350 words)

3. Identify x1 intervention/strategy for managing Diabetes Mellitus from the peer reviewed literature (journals only). How will you as the community nurse adapt and implement this strategy/intervention to ensure optimal health and wellbeing across the man’s lifespan?

That is, what will you do as the nurse for this man and the staff who support him and how will you do it in order to better manage his Diabetes Mellitus and to make sure that the man is included as much as possible? If you selected Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus – your intervention/strategy must focus on BSL and medication management. If you selected Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus your intervention/strategy must focus on physical activity and diet. Students need to first name and describe the intervention/strategy and then discuss in detail how, as the nurse, they will adapt and then implement this intervention/strategy in practice. (20 marks)

4. Academic writing style.

5. Referencing.

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