Application: Product Strategy, Pricing, and Distribution

Application: Product Strategy, Pricing, and Distribution

Topic: Application: Product Strategy, Pricing, and Distribution


In my coursework I chose to research on Bio-surgery. It is the use of a living organism to clean and disinfect wounds. The most appropriate organisms are the green bottle lavas; they feed on the dead decaying tissues and leaves the healthy ones. In aIDition they assist in the growth of new tissues by introducing natural antibiotics into the wound. Though this technique is an ancient one its resurgence is of great importance to wound infected with antibiotic resistant bugs. The service existed in ancient times but gradually went out the market. Refurbishment of this product will create a good environment in the market, bearing in mind that there are institutes where this ideas have been put in place. Therefore the hospitals management ought to come up with good strategies as in the book “Essentials of Health Care marketing” so as to fight out in the market bravely. Having been tested earlier, bio-surgery seems to work well in the market since some clients have little knowledge about it. Therefore we are bound to produce the best so as to attract more customers.


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