Emails have made communication convenient, efficient, easy and accessible. Like every written communication Emails needs to written concisely and with clarity to ensure that when they are presented they do not create confusion or animosity. In office management today emails are rampantly used be it in inter-office communications or with other business and services enmities since they are efficient, convenient and accessible. However this convenience and efficiency is also being threatened by the challenges that come with ease in communication that the emails provide. These challenges include large Volumes of mail, misuse due unnecessary mails, Multiple Topics in single mail, missing information due to shortening the mails or missing Subject Lines, Junk mails, Lack of Response and Forgotten Attachments that lead to incomplete information. However the most serious threat to the email is privacy. Emails can be easily hacked into and in an office setting the information that the emails contains is at times very confidential. When confidential information is accessed by unauthorized individuals it can lead to embarrassing situations, court cases or loss of business.


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