Psychology annotated bibliography

Psychology annotated bibliography

Psychology annotated bibliography

Psychology annotated bibliography

This assignment is due Sunday, September 4 at 10 PM Eastern standard time!!!!!!!!

******Must be done according to the instructions and must be done in APA format *******

Research question: does the stress of being a stay at home mom going back to school influence the effort on her class work?

Applied setting would be educational

Annotated bibliography prompt: above is the research question that must be used below is the guidelines for the annotated bibliography

you will work from the topic, applied setting, and research questions you identified in Module Two and start identifying relevant research to support your final

proposal. Two major aspects of your final project include selecting foundational theories relevant to your topic and suggesting potential strategies or techniques that

may alleviate a problem in an applied setting. To help you prepare for these aspects of the project, you will complete an annotated bibliography featuring a minimum of

four research articles. Two of the articles that you find should be related to the theories you related to your topic that you intend to feature in your final

proposal. The other two articles should discuss applied research related to your topic area.For each article, include a summary that highlights how the article relates

to your chosen topic and setting, and address the following questions:
How do the research results and statistical findings in the article apply to your research question and your applied setting?
What are the strengths and limitations of the research results and findings in supporting the research question?
How could you expand on available research to more specifically address your research question?

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