Ethics and Values of Nursing Care

Ethics and Values of Nursing Care

A newly qualified nurse has just started working in a very busy orthopaedic ward. The senior nurse asks this staff nurse to transfer an elderly patient from his bed to his chair. The staff nurse has never met this

patient but sees from the nursing handover notes that he has a hip replacement carried out three days previously. What are the professional issues that this nurse needs to consider before performing the

requested task?


– The role of the nurse in relation to the professional issues discussed throughout this module
– How accountability, delegation and maintaining standards of practice impact on patient care
– The core values of nursing and nursing regulation and how these impact on patient care
– Record keeping as a professional issue
– Over-riding ethical and legal principles in relation to patient safety

This is not a case study so avoid first person discussion so do not use "me", my", "I" etc.

Sources, text reading and Useful Web links

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1. Examine the core values of nursing and how to apply these to nursing practice

2. Exhibit an understanding of the ethical foundations of nursing practice

3. Demonstrate understanding of contemporary ethical issues in UK healthcare from a range of different perspectives.

4. Demonstrate an awareness of Codes of Professional behaviour

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