Beliefs about binge drinking and related violence

Beliefs about binge drinking and related violence

Since the beginning of 2014, certain sections of the media have been debating the issue of
violence that arises from excessive consumption of alcohol, especially by young people often
towards other young people and especially when alcohol consumption is characterised as a binge. (n.b., there are many definitions of a binge by different researchers and health bodies but these generally come

down to the consumption of a significantly higher than usual quantity of alcohol in a relatively short period of time as distinct from the example of someone who drinks
seven glasses of wine but over a period of a week with each night’s dinner.) We are going to
examine the nature and predictors of beliefs about these issues. We are approaching this from the perspective of psychological science. We need to resolve questions about defining and measuring the

appropriate constructs. The assignment will focus on each of the following research
1. What are people’s beliefs about binge drinking-related violence?
2. Which sociodemographic variables predict beliefs about binge drinking-related
violence? Must have at least 20-25 checkable references. All research needs to be done through Academic Journals or relevant Books, no Wikipedia, Newspaper/Book reviews or Encyclopedias.

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