2 hr limit to execute orders

2 hr limit to execute orders

Scholarly Paper Guidelines (due 5/10/2014)

The focus of the paper is a problem or situation you have experienced or observed at work that resulted from a disconnect between the organization’s vision, mission and purpose and the prevailing

organizational culture and operations. The problem must be an organizational problem that may benefit from an intervention/s by a nurse manager/administrator. The problem must be identified and described

clearly at the beginning of the paper to include the setting.
After describing the problem, describe how you, were you the nurse manager or administrator, would address it. Your plan should reflect the content of the N5300 Organization Theory and Culture course

description and objectives and be supported by relevant professional literature. You should include what you believe to be the best organizational and/or nursing theories to apply to the problem, as well as

organizational culture considerations. You should also include a discussion as to how you will measure the success of your plan to address the problem over specific short term and long term time frames.
This paper is individually evaluated on effective inclusion of the following:
Problem identification (succinct & clear): 100 points
Plan to address the problem, fully supported to include
Apply two theoretical applications (one from nursing/healthcare and one from outside nursing/healthcare for instance in an area such as administration, management, leadership, organization): 33 points
Examine the impact of organizational culture considerations on the plan: 33 points
Supporting literature/evidence for your plan to address the problem: 33 points
Plan to measure the success of your plan in the short and long term: 75 points.
APA format and English Language use: 26 points

No abstract needed, 6 pages not including title or reference, use as many references to address topic.

mission vision values of the facility that i see deviate from what they stand for:
mission-To deliver an environment of excellence where our patients and families are cared for with compassion and respect.
vision-To be the trusted provider of integrated quality health care in North Texas.
values-ICARE-integrity, compassion, accountability, excelence, respect,
based on these priniciples we are not providing excellent care if we canot deliver care or discharge or carry out orders in a timely manner. hospital wide plan to implement 2hr window to carry out orders or

discharge patients if not substantially good reason why not. exception is for sample collection which would require patients to be able to produce a sample. but we should not be the reason their care is

delayed, all hospital staff should be held responsible
adequate use of nursing or management/administration theories and research to support based on guidelines. PLEASE SEND DRAFT ON SATURDAY

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