military rehab programs

military rehab programs

Long Paper: The Long Paper asks you to choose an area of interest related to substance abuse treatment. This is an opportunity for you to develop more specialized knowledge about a particular area of

substance abuse treatment. Topics might include, but are not necessarily limited to, the efficacy of partial hospitalization treatment, outpatient treatment of addictive disorders, prison addiction treatment,

treatment of individuals with dual diagnoses (otherwise known as MICA clients), 12 step treatment programs without counseling interventions, treatment of specialized populations (chemically addicted

mothers/pregnant women, treatment with ethnic minorities, etc.). This is not an exhaustive list of topics, and you are encouraged to brainstorm your own potential topic. Topics must be approved by me prior to

submitting your paper by Week 3. The paper should include the following: 1) A biopsychosocial description of the problem or population including recent research findings. 2) A discussion of the social impact

of the problem or population (why is this an important problem or why is this population important?) 3) A review of treatment methods with special attention paid to empirical evaluations of treatment outcomes,

individualization of the treatment process, ethical issues relevant to the problem or population, and special family issues, including issues of relapse, addiction prevention, and program planning of the problem or

population you are discussing. Criteria for evaluation of papers will include clarity, organization, synthesis of material, and overall mastery of content. A good organization will enhance your grade (hint –

subheadings will help you organize material). The introduction section should clearly outline what will be covered in the paper. Summarize your thoughts in the concluding paragraph. The paper must be typed

and properly formatted using APA style; the use of proper APA style will be a component of your grade. The paper should be 8-12 pages long. At least 4 primary sources must be used

I would like 8 pages and a reference page ill do a cover page and abstract page.

if this helps any… ( what are the most common drugs used in the military
– is this a problem individuals most likely had before joining the service
– is this a combat related issue.
– Is their a recognized trend
– what is the age group and rank most associated with these drugs

what programs are available for the most common drugs used by military personal
– are the problems taken care of in the military or outsourced to civilian treatment centers
– how it affects the family’s of the military member
– how long the treatment generally takes.
– Is the military member retained or kicked out f the service
I plan on using the rules of the UCMJ
I also plan on using the Marine corps order on drugs MCO 5300.17, 1700.24B)

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