Applications of Virtual and Augmented Reality in Medical and Clinical Environments

Applications of Virtual and Augmented Reality in Medical and Clinical Environments

1)My group and I submit a report which contain two major components: a literature review and a set of recommendations based on the literature review.

1b)Literature Review:
.survey of existing research on a topic
.point out gaps in or problems with the research to suggest areas that require further study
.What are the existing technologies in this field? How do they work? What are their benefits and drawbacks?
.is it one of the main contenders in the field? An approach that is less well known but promising? Not significant to the field?

1c)Set of Recommendations:
.Of the technologies you reviewed, which look the most promising for further research and/or implementation?
. Be sure to address possible challenges, including ethical and political, difficulties in implementing your recommendations.

2)I am in charge of writing about three subtopics. The first subtopic is Medical Augmented Reality Surgery.

3)The second subtopic is the use of virtual reality for treating post traumatic stress disorder.

4) The third subtopic is why virtual reality is important for computational fluid dynamics. Airborne particles present in certain hospital environments, or operating rooms can be extremely harmful for patients and

hospital personnel. In order to make an efficient airborne particle removal system, Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)is used to make a near-optimal setup of the parameters that affect the airflow, and

consequently the airborne particle trajectories within the room. A 3D visualization of an indoor space allows the user to understand the effects of room parameters on particle motion throughout the room.

5) I am also in charge of writing a conclusion about the applications of Virtual and Augmented Reality in Medical and Clinical Environments.

6) I have attached a google doc which only covers a little bit of my first subtopic and the conclusion. I have also included the format I have to follow. Please elaborate on this.

7) It should be done in IEEE format:

8) Please include some peer-reviewed, academic publications.

9) Here is the google doc:

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