Curating your own Museum Exhibit

Curating your own Museum Exhibit

AH4: Curating your own Museum Exhibit Congratulations, you’re a museum curator! This project can be done individually or in pairs. If you form a pair, make sure you can really work together and stay in

touch. You share the work, and receive the same grade. (You’ll need to indicate in your initial essay who did what.) Artworks: You will be putting together your own “exhibit” of artworks, in any medium, by

any artist, created between 1400 and 2000 in Europe or the US. These should be chosen and arranged according to a particular theme. You should have 5 artworks total; 10 if you’re in a pair. Themes: Here

are some suggestions of themes to get you going. (You’re free to use your own idea.) Portraits and self-portraits Formal issues: color, light, composition, structure, texture, etc. Images of nature Legends and

symbolism (religious, mythological, folk etc.) Art and politics: propaganda, images of war, etc. Patronage, money, and markets Treatment of a particular subject (like your museum paper) Art and technology

(oil paint, printing press, photography, video, etc.) Writing: You will write a short introductory essay giving a rationale for your choice of objects, and the order in which you show them. Each work should be

researched and discussed in a caption of about 2-3 short paragraphs, like the museum labels you’ve already written. Feel free to re-use (and re-write as necessary) any writing you have already done for this

course: your museum paper, label, quizzes and discussion postings. (These should be treated as sources, i.e. cited and listed, as below) Sources: Use any authoritative source, including everything on BB and

ARTStor. All sources you have used should be cited in the text, plus listed at the end of the project in the form of an annotated bibliography: each source should be accompanied by a very short summary of its

contents. (1-3 sentences). Step 1. Submit your proposed topic. A brief statement, with a couple of questions, about a paragraph. If you’re in a pair, list both names and submit under one of them. I’ll help you

refine your subject. Step 3. Submit the final project. You can use any format which combines the designated amount of text and number of pictures: a Word doc, Powerpoint, Prezi, video. Get creative!

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