outline of
Environmental Impact and other Sustainability Issues
Based on current state of design.
Factors considered here may affect/change the desig
Concerns about impact the project will have on the
during construction, while in use and when disposed
Steps taken to minimise environmental impact
Economic impact on the community and long term econ
omic sustainability
Long terms costs
Possible economic spin-offs
Social impact
Possible positive and negative impacts on the communit
y (short and long-
How has design addressed social and cultural concerns?

please use this as a BACKGROUND information

Nepal Water for Health (NEWAH) is an NGO in Nepal w
orking towards clean drinking water, hygiene
promotion and sanitation (WASH). They achieve this
by working closely with communities in 51 districts
across the country building the people’s capacity t
o realise their rights to water and sanitation, and
access to the required infrastructure.
EWB volunteers have worked with NEWAH over the year
s to create innovative approaches to WASH
challenges, develop water safety plans and engage t
he community in the processes. EWB is also assistin
NEWAH with a climate change adaptation program and
a catchment hydrology, groundwater recharge and
rainwater harvesting program.
In 2014-2015 EWB is partnering with NEWAH for the E
WB Challenge. The EWB Challenge focuses on hill top
communities in the hill region of the Gorkha Distri
ct. The village of Sandikhola has been chosen as a
representative community of the villages in the reg
ion, as a way for students to better visualise life
in this
district. The design solutions, however, should be
transferable to all hill top communities.
In 2013 EWB held a workshop with NEWAH staff in the
ir regional office in Bharatpur. During this worksh
seven broad design areas were discussed and resulte
d in design projects being identified that NEWAH, a
the communities they work with, are either working
on at the moment or wishing to work on in the futur
These projects are outlined in this design brief. F
urther detail and information can be found on the E
Challenge website at:
All of the student design reports that are submitte
d to the EWB Challenge for review will be given to
NEWAH. NEWAH are excited to receive these reports a
nd hope that the ideas can be integrated into their
The EWB Challenge is a fantastic opportunity for st
udents to learn about and understand a wonderfully
culture, and be involved in an exciting time of cha
nge for rural hill top communities in the Gorkha Di
Nepal. It is an opportunity to learn, not just abou
t the challenges facing their communities, but also
community development in general, and the role engi
neers and other technical professionals can play.

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