The Spirit Catches You and You Fall Down

The Spirit Catches You and You Fall Down

APA format
Needs to be from the book The Spirit Catches You and You Fall Down !!!

Write a 2-3 page reaction paper that focuses on one aspect of the book (a character, a situation, the relationship between two people, the relationship between two things, etc.).

The key to success in this assignment is narrowing the topic. Focus on something specific such as a spiritual belief, the difficulties and complexities of life as a first or second generation immigrant, the

professional and ethical dilemmas for an American health care worker who is working with members of a culture s/he does not understand, the importance of familial relationships in the book, etc.

Do not provide a simple summary of the book or the incident. Assume we have all read the book; the paper should focus on presenting a thesis in your introduction, and going in-depth to analyze and present

your ideas.

Please use quotes and/or specific examples from the book to support your ideas. Again, do not spend a lot of time summarizing a point from the book. Focus on your own ideas and analysis!

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