AsthmaThe prevalence of asthma in the U.S. is increasing dramatically. Since the mid-1990s, the treatment of asthma has changed dramatically as the focus has changed from treating acute episodes with short-acting beta agonists to long-term use of corticosteroids. Discuss the use of inhaled corticosteroids, including the names of at least 2 inhaled medications, patient education in terms of how to use the inhaler, side effects, and intended treatment outcomes.

Discuss the use of a peak flow meter and how it can be used to adjust treatment for asthma patients.

Discussion Question Responses: Displays an understanding of the course materials and the underlying concept discussed. Includes course materials and additional scholarly resources to support important points.
Participation Responses: Displays an understanding of topic under discussion by affirming statements, asking a related question, or making an oppositional statement. Position must be supported with related evidence. Responds to a minimum of two peers per question.
Professional Practice Connection: Demonstrates reflective thought pertaining to personal perspectives and professional development.

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