Please read the attached chapter on ‘mapping’. Then using the legend on the 3rd from the last page of the attached please create 5 separate maps for the arguments listed below. Your shapes and colors must match what is listed on the legend (3 page from last on the attached) I recognize the attached is in black and white, so I have hand written the colors on the attached. I will adjust colors to match perfectly upon complete. The title of each powerpoint page needs to identify which of the below arguments you are mapping.

Instructions: Analyze and map the arguments (or decisions) in the following passages.

1.Baltimore is a terrible place to live. The Mayor is on trial for misappropriating funds. The murder rate is one of the highest in the nation, and the Orioles haven’t had a decent team for more than fifteen years.

2.If something isn’t done about reducing the National Debt, the United States will cease to exist. Congress doesn’t seem to care about the Debt because they continue to pass massive spending bills that “bust the budget.” So, I guess America’s days as a great nation are numbered.

3.Global warming is a hoax. Over the past several years, the earth’s temperature has actually cooled, not warmed. Recently, damaging emails from several prominent global-warming scientists were leaked to the media. The emails showed that some scientists had altered or neglected data that would have counted against their theory that the earth is warming.

4.Trans fats should be banned in processed food. Trans fats are usually non-natural additives to foods. Trans fats are known to cause high cholesterol and possibly increase the occurrence of heart disease. Anything that increases the occurrence of heart disease should be banned.

5.The Grafs ask us to join them for dinner tonight. We need to decide where we are going to go. We could go to the Mexican restaurant on the corner or the Italian restaurant at the mall. We don’t want Mexican food again so soon; we ate there just last Friday. The Italian restaurant is a little pricey, don’t you think. That might be true, but Jeff really loves the lasagna they serve there. OK, the Italian restaurant is the choice.

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