The causes and impact of childhood obesity in London

The causes and impact of childhood obesity in London

•download and read the handbook carefully
•reference correctly throughout following the university guidance
The revised question is the causes and impact of childhood obesity in London
As part of the introduction, you should explain your rationale for the choice of subject:
Why children- obese children tend to become obese adults (provide evidence for this). There is a significant effect on mortality (provide evidence).
Why 2-11 yr olds. There is a need to address obesity among young people before behaviours have been set. They are particularly open to advertising of poor food (provide evidence of this)
Why London? There is a relatively high proportion of young people (provide evidence), there are lots of fast food outlets (evidence), there is evidence of obesity among young children in London (evidence)
The aims of the research which we discussed are something like:
•Identify causes of obesity among children
•Analyse impact of obesity now and in the future
•Evaluate government policy in this area
You need to revise and work on the aims
The structure of the handbook is something like the following (check the handbook on weblearn):

Chapter one
•Why do you want to do the subject? What is the importance of the issue?
Your experience of intervention in Camden- you said that the focus was on food rather than exercise and this worked quite well
•The health impact of obesity
•Why you have chosen London, obesity, young people
•The government policy context
•How you will do it. The sort of sources of information you will use and how you will get them.
This should also discuss ethics
•Set out the following chapters
•Set out the research process. You need to explain secondary research and how you will carry this out. I have recommended Dawson, and Denscombe (chapter 12 on ?’documents’). A list of research books is provided at the end of this
Chapter two- literature review
You need to discuss research on obesity, but particularly obesity among young children in London. This should address the aims ie the causes and impact of obesity. There is plenty of information on obesity and health eg Public Health England, NICE

Chapter three
This includes the case study (see the handbook). You could use the initiative in Camden for this. As part of this, you need to discuss some of the theory in the area- for example the influence of choice in food and exercise
Chapter four
Conclusion and recommendations
Reference list- need to read the guide to referencing; make sure that every reference that is in the text is in the list and vice versa

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