Age care nursing

Age care nursing

Students are to refer to the following scenario and submit either A or B of the assignment. Students are required to research the current scholarly literature and present written work using APA 6 style.

A confused man (approximately mid-sixties in age) presents to the Emergency Department in a dishevelled and unkempt state. He has been unable to coherently provide information about himself or his

On admission, his appearance and odour suggests that he has not washed for some time and he frequently scratches his right upper arm.
He anxiously keeps trying to leave the department saying that he wants to get home for dinner, yet is unable to state his address. On examination, his breath has an acetone odour, he has a haematoma (50

cents size) on the right side of his forehead and he repeatedly states that he wants to pass urine.

Assignment A: 2,000 words
You are the Registered Nurse assigned to care for this patient. You are required to assess this patient and plan their care. In order to do this you will need to:
1. Detail, prioritise and provide rationales for the nursing assessment that you will undertake.
2. Prioritise and provide rationales for the planned care you develop for this patient.

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