Healthcare policy analysis

Healthcare policy analysis

Healthcare policy analysis
Evaluation of Health Policy Analysis Paper
Is the analysis drawn from diverse, peer-reviewed / referred scholarly / professional, journal-based articles versus textbooks and magazines?

Are the sources accurately and objectively interpreted? Is quoted / paraphrased material discussed, rather than merely reproduced? Are important points developed, rather than merely asserted?

Does the paper go beyond the mere reporting of information? Does the paper demonstrate the application of higher-level critical thinking skills (e.g., compare and contrast, evaluate, synthesize, analyze, reflect, integrate)? Is there evidence of creative thought?

Is the analysis reflective, critical, original, comprehensive in scope, and selective in items used? Is there evidence of interpretations made by the student that are separate from the commentary and analysis found in published studies?

Comprehensiveness and Depth
Has the topic been carefully researched? Does the paper deal with all the essential aspects and in sufficient depth?

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