nurse informaticists

nurse informaticists

nurse informaticists

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Nowadays, nurse informaticists play an essential role in healthcare organizations and many clinics. The American Nurses Association’s (ANA) defines Nursing Informatics (NI) as the specialty that integrates nursing science with information and analytical sciences to identify, define, manage and communicate data, information, knowledge, and wisdom in nursing practice(Sipes, 2014). At my workplace, I see nurse informaticists interact with other staff by educating them about the importance of documentation. For example, they teach the nurses the importance of documenting specific data such as vital signs, height, weight, allergies. Entering these data will help the physicians and nurses to give appropriate care to patients.

  Nurses informaticist

Nurses informaticist play a significant at my job place. They are responsible for updating electronic health records. For example, they updated the restraining tab on the Cerner system ( computer system ). All the nurses were obligated to have a mandatory Inservice to learn about the new restraining location and charting. The new restraining tab made it easy to chart every 2 hours on restrained patients. Nurse informaticists also teach barcode utilization to nurses. Other current projects of those surveyed included developing or implementing bar-coded medication management, intensive care technology, enterprise master patient indices (MPI), and picture archiving and communication systems (PACS) (Sensmeier & al, 2014).

The evaluation of the staff knowledge can improve the interaction among nurse informaticist and staff. For example, the Nurse informaticist should come to the units once a week to assess if the team feels comfortable with a new way of documenting specific data. They could also find out if a new implementation enables good patient care and outcome.

The continued evolution of nursing informatics as a specialty will hugely impact professional interaction. Nursing informatics aims to improve the health of populations, communities, families, and individuals by optimizing information management and communication(Staggers, 2002). Many healthcare systems use new technology such as smart pumps, bar codes for medication administration, electronic health records, wearables, and intelligent phones to increase efficiency, promote safety, and streamline nursing work (McGonigle & Mastrian, 2018).


Daphne T

Discussion 2

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Prior to the advent of computers and electronic health records, record keeping, and retrieval were performed manually using paper and pen notations. A system that seemed efficient years ago has become antiquated due to the advent of computers and advancements in technological advancements to improve the safety and efficiency of care delivery to our respective clients. While the paper and pen era of data entry and records administration provided the required access for client care, it also had many problems.

Several disadvantages of the manual data entry method mentioned previously included the inability to access multiple providers across networks. Moreover, information on a chart can only be accessed in person because the chart cannot leave the hospital or nursing station. These made it impossible to collaborate due to the slow or non-existent dissemination.             Patient information is easily accessible with this new era of computers and technological advancements in health care informatics.

health care records

Access to health care records, data, imaging, and all other related patient information is as easy with one click of a computer mouse or by scanning and faxing required medical information across multiple disciplines directly involved in the client’s care. For instance, a laboratory may enter lab results accessible to numerous auxiliary teams directly caring for a given patient; once recorded, the information is widely accessible to all teams with authorized access to the patient’s medical record. “Of these abilities, project management is one of the most critical since it affects all areas of NI skills and serves as an organizing framework for processes and projects, including design, planning, implementation, follow-up, and evaluation. Management, administration, leadership, professor, and graduate-level master’s and doctoral practicum courses are all examples of employment categories that demand project management abilities as an integral part of their NI tasks” (Sipes, 2016).

the functionality of electronic health records

Some strategies can be implemented given the functionality of electronic health records and the ease with which information can be disseminated seamlessly across multiple disciplines and databases. Also, the need to incorporate more efficient cutting-edge technology to serve our patient population better includes implementing a backup system that operates seamlessly in the event of a computer failure or when the primary computer fails. A perfect example is a recent experience I had on the unit.

the computer systems

The informatics team planned an update. But did not communicate the downtime and shut down the computer systems to staff nurses on the night shift. We were surprised when our systems powered down. And scrambled for answers, only to be told the informatics team was performing updates; now, we still have medications to administer. And orders to access alongside other disciplines. “Explicit knowledge is information that can be expressed in letters, words, or numbers. It may take the shape of data, manuals, product specifications, concepts, rules, or theories. Nurses can distribute and share this knowledge publicly or privately, scientifically or methodically” (Mosier et al., 2019).

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