Now that you have been assigned an issue, it is time to focus on the research for the project.

          Now that you have been assigned an issue, it is time to focus on the research for the project.

The topic: American foreign policy towards LGBTQ rights abroad.

 Instructions for LGBTQ+ Policy Brief:

Now that you have been assigned an issue, it is time to focus on the research for the project. Policy briefs, or memos as they are sometimes called, differ from typical academic research papers in some respects.  Their main purpose is to provide analysis and recommendations to a limited audience of policymakers and their staffs so that they can make an informed decision.  These people do not have lots of time to do their own research and read long documents.  Therefore, the brief must give the policymaker access to a lot of information in a clear, concise and well-organized fashion.

The Policy Brief consists of three parts: Part I should describe and define the problem; Part II should review the policy alternatives relevant to addressing the problem; Part III should analyze political feasibility of the alternatives and recommend one of alternatives. This project is worth 35% of the course grade. The first draft of Part I is worth 10% of the course grade and the first draft of Parts 2 and 3 (combined) is worth 10% of course grade. The final draft of all three parts is worth 15% of the course grade.  The first drafts of different parts of the project are due on the dates indicated below. You should review the Powerpoint Tutorial on Canvass that supplements these Instructions (which will be uploaded on Feb. 1st).

Part I.  Describe and Define the Issue/Problem.  In defining an issue, you take a position on the scope and seriousness of the problem and identify one or more causes. How do we know that the problem really exists?  How does the problem manifest itself?  What is the severity of the problem and who is affected most? Who and how many people are affected (supply metrics if available)?  What are the various costs of the problem to individuals, communities and the nation?  What are the cause or causes of the problem?  What is the evidence to link the cause to the problem?  If multiple causes exist, identify root and proximate causes. Focus your more in depth analysis on only one or two of the causes. Use numbers and comparisons to help readers understand the problem. (Should not exceed 4 pages).  First draft due Feb. 19th

Format and Sources.

Your drafts should be type-written, double-spaced with one-inch margins and 12-point font. Think about how to organize the brief to highlight the important points; I recommend using headings, and you might also use bullet points and lists if appropriate.

Use journalists accounts, reports from governmental sources or advocacy groups, and academic books and journals to research your issue.  Google and Google Scholar are good places to start, but also the websites of LGBTQ+ advocacy organizations, which often have information about issues affecting the LGBTQ+ communities. Cite all sources using the APA citation style. Be sure to cite properly any information obtained online.


1- guide for APA citation style. 

2- Tutorial for part 1 

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