Fiction Analysis – Rough Draft

Fiction Analysis – Rough Draft

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Fiction Analysis – Rough Draft

By the due date assigned, attach the rough draft of your essay as a Microsoft Word document to the Discussion Area. By the end of the week, comment on at least two of your classmate’s submissions using the peer review questions provided below.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Your instructor will assign five short stories for the class to read and discuss this week. Check the Week 4 Announcement for a list of the assigned stories. You must choose one of these stories to earn credit on the assignment.

NOTE: The Stories to Read for this week are this list. These are the only choices; you must choose one of these stories to earn credit on the assignment:

Faulkner, “A Rose for Emily”

Jackson, “The Lottery”

O’Connor, “A Good Man is Hard to Find”

Walker, “Everyday Use”

Welty, “A Worn Path”

Compose an analytical essay of at least 1,200 words in which you offer an interpretation of a literary element in one of the assigned short stories. Write your analysis focusing on one of the following elements in one of the assigned stories:






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