ATH-111 Journal 6

ATH-111 Journal 6

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I need a 3-4 paragraph paper written on the following:

Overview: This journal offers the opportunity to reflect on what you have learned and how you will integrate the feedback you have received and into your final film study.

Prompt: Learning is essentially about changing behavior—knowledge, skills, or attitudes. What changes have you experienced in what you know, feel, or can do as a result of this course? Discuss these changes and suggest ways you can apply this learning in your film study. This is a reflective opportunity for you to take time to think about what you have learned and how it can apply to your final project. Be sure to address cultural relativism and anthropological concepts. Be sure that your journal includes each of the following critical elements:

 Learning: Identify what you have learned by discussing changes in what you know, feel, and/or can do as a result of this course. What specific course concepts have you been able to apply in your daily life? Be sure to address cultural relativism and anthropological concepts in your discussion. I will provide a discussion post from this course that I hav found interesting. With more details about my personal use of cultural relativism and assimilation.

 Application to Film Study: Discuss specific ways you can apply what you learned to your film analysis for the final project. Guidelines for Submission: Your journal should be written in paragraph form using complete sentences. Submit assignment as a Word document with double spacing, 12-point Times New Roman font, and one-inch margin. Please use APA format to cite. I will provide my final draft for reference.

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