Intro to Law Enforcement

Intro to Law Enforcement

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Answer the questions below. Points will be deducted for late submission. You are allowed to use your book and other sources (websites, journal articles, books, etc.,) to help you answer each question.

1.Discuss the many ways that African Americans and women have been discriminated against in policing. (10 points)

2.What percentage of our police departments today consists of women ? African Americans? Hispanics? How do these numbers compare to earlier years? (20 points)

3. How effective are women as patrol officers as compared to their male counterparts? (10 points)

4. How have police standards and testing procedures changed in recent years to enable more women and minorities to enter policing? (10 points)

5.Discuss the problems women and other minorities still face in policing. (10 points)

6.Detail the Pregnancy Discrimination Act (PDA) and explain its impact on how police departments handle female officers who are pregnant. (15 points)

7.The most controversial method of ending job discrimination is the concept of affirmative action. How has affirmative action affected the police force? Do you agree with affirmative action? Do affirmative action plans and quotas lead to reverse discrimination? Use scenarios to support your answers. (25 points)

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