There was a part one of this report/essay. Its a continued assignment and it should follow the directions down below.

There was a part one of this report/essay. Its a continued assignment and it should follow the directions down below.

I’m working on a English question and need guidance to help me study.

The purpose of this portion of your assignment is to provide you with the opportunity to explore the diversity of cultures and communities in San Diego, to expand your awareness of the uniqueness of each person/culture and the “bridge” of commonalities, and for you to gain knowledge in specific practices that influence a family’s participation and/or interaction in an early childhood setting (meeting families’ needs in the preschool).

After you have completed and submitted Part 1- Community Resources, you will be writing a paper about either the Congolese or Haitian culture. You will pick one culture to write about. You will use some of the information from Part 1 to help you complete this portion of the assignment. You paper should include the following components:

1. An introductory paragraph stating what cultural group in San Diego you have chosen to write about and why. Include information about how you did your research and where you found your materials.

2. Summarize the information you gathered about your chosen culture, emphasizing facts you learned that helped you appreciate, understand, and value this culture. This portion should include information that you have learned while gathering resources. It should not be a detailed history of the culture or country. I will be looking for information that is pertinent to the culture today, in San Diego County.

3. End with a paragraph sharing what you personally gained from this assignment. How has it changed your attitude, comfort level, sensitivity, or appreciation of diversity? Also, include ways that this information would be helpful to you when working with families of different cultures.

4. A reference page of all materials, etc. Be very thorough: include all pertinent information about each source. When sharing information about the person you interviewed, use first name only, but do include age, profession, and family data. You must use APA format.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

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