Renaissance – The Making of Modernity

Renaissance – The Making of Modernity

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The period from the late fourteenth to the mid fifteenth century witness a great shift in Europe. The West began to shed the old skin of Medieval Europe and awoke with a fresh coat. This period is often referred to as the “Renaissance” because historians have looked to these changes as significantly a re-birth of the secular ideas from Ancient Greece and Rome. As you read this week look for the connections from the past, but also the sense of something new.

Assignment: Read the textbook chapter 15- pp. 420-436 as well as the secondary sources on the Renaissance and answer the following question in 2-3 developed paragraphs. Please submit the document as a MS Word .doc or PDF through the canvas portal.

  1. If anyone invented the term the Renaissance, then it was Jacob Burckhardt. Based on your reading, analyze Burckhardt’s interpretation of the Renaissance. What criticisms have been leveled against it? Who do you agree with more and why? How would you define the term Renaissance in the context of fifteenth and sixteenth-century Italy?

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