Rough draft revision Watchmen

Rough draft revision Watchmen

Help me study for my English class. I’m stuck and don’t understand.

I submitted my rough draft, the guidelines needed, as well as other things to help you along the way (important things that need to be included). Already had a meeting with my teacher about the rough draft and was told I need to fix a few things

1. thesis needs to be more specific

2. My sources need to be added correctly (view integrate sources using MLA document)

3. I have to add images (view examples I provided) (don’t forget to cite the images from book (chapter, pg #, paragraph)

4. I have too many paragraphs. She liked what I was talking about and the 3 people that I did talk about but thinks I can eliminate some of the unnecessary paragraphs and try to combine some that have to do with the same person.

5. I provided 2 examples from other students but they chose a psychological approach whereas I did a marxist approach so please keep that in mind.

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