music essay

music essay

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Paper #2, Beethoven Sonata no. 14 in C-sharp Minor, Mvt. I, Adagio sostenuto

Jos van Immerseel

Igor Kipnis

Artur Rubinstein

Wilhelm Kempff

Your paper should be 850-1000 Words, which is 3-4 pages of double spaced 12-point typeface.

Research the differences between the Fortepiano of Beethoven’s time and the modern piano. When was the sonata premiered and by whom? Where did the title “Moonlight” come from? Why is this nickname perhaps misleading vis-à-vis the likely true mood of the piece in Beethoven’s conception?

Listen to the four recordings of the first movement of Beethoven’s “Moonlight” sonata. Are there marked differences between the sound of the modern and historic piano? What are those differences? Compare the four renditions. Are there variations in basic tempo between them? Do some performers make more adjustments in tempo than others? We have discussed the “rhetorical” quality in the Classical Era (as in making a formal speech). Which of the pianists is the most rhetorical, which the least? Do you have a preference for one of the versions over the others?

A – Accurate historical info; excellent use of musical terminology; no errors in spelling/grammar
B- Accurate historical info; good use of musical terminology; some errors in spelling/grammar
C- Mostly accurate historical info; fair use of musical terminology; many errors in spelling/grammar
D – Inaccurate or missing historical info; poor use of musical terminology; poor spelling/grammar
F – Not a serious effort.
Minus 10pts. for late submission.

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