Art History, Middle Age, Essay

Art History, Middle Age, Essay

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7-8 pages in length (double spaced, 12 point font , & 1 inch margins)

• Please include a minimum of 5 bibliographical references (including internet sources)

For your research essay topic, please answer one of the following questions:

1. Discuss the fusion of pagan and Christian themes in early medieval art.

2. Gothic art and Scholasticism. Discuss the intellectual impetus for Gothic art.

3. What were the Crusades?

Discuss multiple perspectives of the Christian Crusades. For example,

Christian and Non-Christian, or Christian and Muslim, or Religious and economic.

4. Christian mysticism and Hildegard of Bingen.

5. Painting and the truth. Please examine new techniques in painting in the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries.

6. The Virgin Mary and her cult in art c. 1100 – 1500

7. Leonardo da Vinci: a modern man?

8. Renaissance and Humanism and the birth of the modern.

Topic related to the symbolism of the rose windle in Middle Age.

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