Read the statement and answer

Read the statement and answer

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Many traditional fairy tales, such as Snow White and Cinderella, feature beautiful, svelte heroines, and ugly villains. Recently, “modern” fairy tales feature heroes and heroines who are less than perfect physically. One example is the film Shrek. Do you think traditional fairy tales idealized beauty? What impact, if any, do you feel these tales have on the self-image of today’s children and youth? Do you feel our “modern” fairy tales are a better influence? (For an article on this subject, see Hanafy, E. (2004). Beauty can be a beast, fairy tale study finds. The Toronto Star.)

300 min

Please make sure that your initial response to the question is evidence based and provides facts and statistics from the textbook or current research studies. Also be sure to include both in text citations as well as a reference source at the end of your initial response

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