Standards for the Presidency

Standards for the Presidency

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President Trump’s approval rating has hovered around 40% since coming into office. While presidential approval ratings don’t tell us much, they do give us a small glimpse into how the nation feels the president is doing. One of our goals for this course is to help you think more independently, and in this particular context, that means articulating our own standards for evaluating the president. Please address the following question in your discussion post.

  • What standards or criteria should we use when evaluating the president?
    • Please make sure you articulate at least two.

Please note! I am not asking you to articulate standards for evaluating President Trump. Instead, I am asking you to think about criteria that could be objectively applied to “any” president. There is so much noise out there about the president in the social media universe that it can be hard to formulate our “own” opinion. However, I am asking you to make an honest attempt at doing so!


Please make sure to do the following:

  • Answer the highlighted question above in a paragraph response (6 – 9 sentences);
  • Demonstrate critical thought and reflection;
  • Thoughtfully and respectfully engage one another (keep it classy!);

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