art assignment

art assignment

I don’t know how to handle this Art & Design question and need guidance.

The textbook, chapter guides, and Khan Academy page provide a very broad overview of art history. This assignment offers the opportunity to investigate a work of art in detail.

Step 1: Select a work of art to research.:

  • analyze the content and any iconography that the work depicts
  • examine the artist’s background
  • address the style and research information on the movement or artistic circle the artist belongs to (if any)
  • investigate the context – what historical, religious, cultural, social, and/or economic events are important to understand this work?
  • consider the historical significance—was this work of art influenced by something, or did it influence future works of art?

You’ll need to cite 2 reliable resources other than your textbook. (Blogs,, etc. are not credible sources.)

Step 2: Write a minimum of 350 words about your chosen art work and post it to the Discussion Board.

  • Include a good quality image of your chosen work that is clearly labeled.
  • Include size, media, date completed in your paragraph or in your label.
  • Based on your research, discuss pertinent information about your chosen art work. Avoid the overly general, boring stuff, and look for things you find genuinely interesting.

Step 3: Respond to a classmate in a meaningful way.

Deadline: December 2, by 9:00 PM





Needs Work


Image is properly sized and labeled, and is embedded in the post.

Image is present, but there are issues.

Image is not present, or has serious issues.


Research is properly cited; paper investigates significant points; written in student’s own voice.

Issues with one of the following: Citation is missing; Paper is too generalized; Student needs to work on finding voice.

Issues with two or more of the following: Citation is missing; Paper is too generalized; Student needs to work on finding voice.


Responds to classmate in a meaningful way by asking a question or making a point that is new.

Responds to classmate, but fails to elevate the conversation.

Fails to respond to a classmate.

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