Discussion Board

Discussion Board

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In this week’s Discussion Board Essay, you will select one of the podcasts or documentary films that you viewed or listened to this week and write a short analysis. You can select any one of the following for your analysis:

“The Stolen Child”

“Capitalism on Trial in Chile”

CNN’s “Cold War” (first 20 min)

CNN’s “Backyard” (first 18 min)

You will write a 2 paragraph analysis of the secondary source you have selected. Your analysis must answer the following questions. Please read these carefully, as the questions have been modified slightly for this media analysis:

  • Content: What is the document about?
  • Citation: When was this document created and by who?(if you can’t determine an author, you can just name the company that produced this media (NY Times, CNN, NPR, etc).
  • Context: What is the historical moment this media is trying to analyze? Does this media have an argument or thesis?
  • Connections: Does this document reflect, support, and/or challenge what we are learning in class? What connections can you make? (our class is Comparative History of the Modern Americas)
  • Communication: Does this document have an identifiable point of view or bias? Is this media reliable?
  • Conclusions: How does this source contribute to our understanding of history? Does it add a new perspective to what we have covered this week? What is the main idea or takeaway for you?

It is recommended that your discussion board essay incorporate other readings and class material to support your analysis wherever relevant and appropriate.

No plagiarism, follow instructions and answer all the questions in detail.

you have one day and a few hours.

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