argument for or against Universal Basic Income and why

argument for or against Universal Basic Income and why

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Universal Basic Income (UBI) is a periodic cash payment, similar to social security, given to everyone regardless of means testing or employment status. For example, the state of Alaska provides its residents $1,600 a year just to live in the state. It is funded by oil revenues from the state rather than from through taxation. Many Native American tribes in the U.S. distribute UBI to people on the reservation paid for by casino revenue. The city of Stockton, CA is experimenting with UBI funded by a federal grant and presidential candidate Andrew Yang has proposed a $1,000 ‘freedom dividend’ funded by a value added tax placed on the production of goods.

With automation replacing human labor many people are arguing that UBI may be the answer. It can be used to help pay for your basic needs while freeing up money for investment and spending in the local economy. These UBI funds will of course not enough to live off of but enough to buy more things, pay more bills, etc.

In at least two pages, write an argument for or against Universal Basic Income and tell me why.



At least two pages

12-point Times New Roman Font

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