Analysis of the book KING LEAR with the depth of thoughts

Analysis of the book KING LEAR with the depth of thoughts

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MLA Format: 5 FULL Pages Minimum, 12-Point Font, Times New Roman (or similar) Typeface, Double-Spaced, 1-Inch Margins, Name + Page Numbers in Right of Header, In-Text Citation in MLA Format, Works Cited section on its own page (does NOT count as a page of your essay), remove spaces between paragraphs, tab in paragraphs, indent for block quotes (3 lines or more). Please attach your paper as a DOCX, DOC, or PDF file. Assignments are submitted through SafeAssign—don’t plagiarize!


Focus on the text: literary analysis, textual analysis, close reading, symbolic language, structure, form, etc. Use the text!

Look for meaning: allegory, theme, deep reading, subtext, but always tie it back to the text.

Look outside the text: history, culture, social structures, biography, other texts/authors/literary traditions, secondary criticism, theory, philosophy, use as necessary and tie back to text.

Organize: Find the most effective method to order and present your arguments, transition sub-arguments to create a larger argument, introduce any background information first if needed to understand the argument, leave the reader thinking.

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