300+ words, bluebook citation and in*text reference

300+ words, bluebook citation and in*text reference

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What tests do the Courts use to determine whether an individual has the required mental capacity to enter into a valid and enforceable contract? Are there certain conditions that would affect someone’s mental capacity to contract? Could these conditions affect a person’s ability contract? How?

Ø Post traumatic stress disorder

Ø Battered Woman Syndrome

Ø Attention Deficit Disorder

Ø Alcoholism and drug addition

Ø Postpartum depression

Think out of the box about these conditions. Based on what you have learned in this course, could any of these conditions affect an individual’s mental capacity to contract. Select at least two of the conditions above and discuss whether or not you believe the condition would affect the mental capacity to contract.

Again, your discussion should be based, at a minimum, upon the material presented in the textbook, your outside legal research from the Internet or elsewhere, the APUS on-line library, and your own experiences/ opinions.

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