Presentation (Life 2017)

Presentation (Life 2017)

Can you help me understand this Film question?

The film that I have chooses is Life (2017)

DSSG 400 Presentation – Persuasive

1.Present an oral and visual presentation using Power point, Keynote, Prezi, or film.

2.Must submit an outline in Canvas with your recorded presentation.

3. Topic – on your film from the film list.

4.Be persuasive. What type of alien does this film exemplify? What is their purpose?

5.Be creative and original. Use critical thinking.

6.Include images and a trailer or scene from the film.

7.Include a Conclusion.

8.Include References at end.

9.Length – include all of the requirements, minimum of 7 slides.

10.Why is this film important? What did you think of it?

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