ART10 Discussion

ART10 Discussion

I need help with a Art & Design question. All explanations and answers will be used to help me learn.

Discussion with two classmate reply.

For this discussion, consider all the ways that people can, and should, and shouldn’t, interact with a memorial.

  • For your post, choose one of the following case (below), identify your choice and provide a bit of general background about the memorial and its use (based on your online research). Present the different arguments about what behavior crosses and line and why, and then weigh in with your own opinion. Please explain your reasoning/rationale, and note aspects of the memorial that encourage, or discourage, proper or improper behavior.
  • In reply to others’ posts, comment on what changes could be made to the memorial’s design, to encourage positive interaction. Is there a way the memorial could be more approachable and interactive, without creating a disagreeable environment? Is there a way to make the memorial less approachable, without creating an uninviting environment? Discuss the potential drawbacks and advantages of design changes.

Remember, discussions require at least one post and two replies .

CASE #1: Berlin Holocaust memorial (pictured above): Tourists posting selfies to social media, who were then shamed by artist Shahak Shapira on his site, “Yolocaust,” to an external site.). Be sure to investigate how the memorial designer himself feels about “Yolocaust.”


CASE #5: People wading in the WWII Memorial pool

wading in the memorial

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