short journal to be completed

short journal to be completed

I’m studying for my Sociology class and don’t understand how to answer this. Can you help me study?

Read Chapter 13, Education and Religion, in the textbook. No outside/web sources, please.

Review the Purdue OWL for instructions and examples of formatting in text citations and references as these are required. In text citations go in the paragraph and the reference list is located after the Word Count at the end of your paper.

Your essay should be at least 250 words and include a Word Count. Please proof read/edit.

Save your essay as a Word document and upload it to “2. Assignment Submission” in the Week 4 Journal portal.


What elements of bureaucracy can you note from your experience in school (examples from elementary through college are fine)?

What would you do to make it less bureaucratic?

Please present your response in paragraphs with clear sentences, proper spelling, grammar, sentence structure, tense agreement, etc. You will be graded on both content (did you respond to each prompt and provide a citation/reference for the article you found?) and format (have you followed all structural requirements like proper spelling, grammar, sentence structure, tense agreement?)

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