Jails versus Prisons

Jails versus Prisons

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There are distinctions between jails and prisons on many levels. These distinctions translate to different challenges, and different approaches to managing challenges, for those working in corrections. Awareness of the challenges is an integral first step. When considering challenges, key areas include legal requirements, demographic considerations, staffing considerations, and resources.

Suppose that, as an instructor in the academy, you have been tasked with educating new recruits about these challenges.

In your initial discussion post:

  • Lay out two key distinctions between jails and prisons that impact inmates and corrections staff.
  • Specify how penology and corrections theory provides insight into the identified distinctions.
  • Explain the importance of understanding these distinctions, specifically in regard to operating procedures.
  • Explore the possible implications of failure to follow policy or law in the identified areas.
  • Use scholarly resources

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