Knowledge and Physical Performance

Knowledge and Physical Performance

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Topic 1

Test Your Knowledge

For this discussion, take the example on page 151 of the textbook (below). It is an example of a situational judgment test. After completing the example, discuss how you would analyze your answers based on your behavioral tendencies and knowledge base.

You work at IT Operations at Firm XYZ, and today it is your turn to work on the help line. An employee in marketing calls you. He is steaming mad because his computer went down, and he fears he lost his work. He begins by yelling at you about how the new technology is always failing. You think that you might be able to retrieve his work, depending on the specific problem. Rate the effectiveness of each of the following actions you could take using this 1 to 7 scale (1 = Extremely Ineffective, 7= Extremely Effective)

A. Tell the customer that you will talk to your boss and get back to him.

B. Ask the customer to check to ensure his computer is plugged in correctly.

C. Tell the customer that you can’t fix it unless he shuts up and answers some questions for you.

D. Allow the customer to vent for a moment. Then begin asking questions to diagnose the problem.

E. Reassure the customer that you can fix the problem.

Scott, J. C., & D. H. Reynolds. (2010). Handbook of workplace assessment: Evidence based practices for selecting and developing organizational talent. San-Francisco, CA: Jossey-Bass.

Topic 2

Physical Performance

There are seven abilities that describe physical performance found on page 169 of the textbook. Many organizations will set up job requirement that will reduce injuries, loss of time, workers compensation costs and decreased productivity. Due to the Americans with Disability Act of 1990, there is protection afforded to employees. Discuss three reasons for an organization needs to set up physical performance requirements.

Please click below to review a series of flashcards that will help you prepare for this Discussion. These flashcards are based on Table 7.1 in your textbook:

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