Building to large-scale change

Building to large-scale change

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Write about immigrants in high school

Narrative Analysis: [ Section Title]

Make the reader care about your issue:

1. Issue& frame. How does your issue impact lives and how has it changed over the past decades? Critique a frame related to this issue you think is harmful. What is its narrative and key symbols: characters, images,values? Focus in one belief you want to change: Why is it important? Make sure to incoporate specific concepts from the course to shed light on how the issue works.

2. Audience analysis. Describe a person who believes this frame whose mind might be changeable. What are the people& institutions that create and sustain the negative frame in their world? What are the key parts of their habitus that could cut against the frame-positive values, symbols, other sources of media and information?

3. Insipiration.Draw inspiration from a specific example of broad cultural change. How does it relate? How would you need to build on their strategy to apply their example in the modern context?

Key notes- make sure each section has these:

-Be detailed-e.g., not just “then we go viral” or ” this frame is dangerous” but precisely who,what, when, and how it works.

-Be cultural- instead of saying ” we need to change cultural” or “stereotypes are harmful”, target specific schemas

-Back up every claim with research, interviews, and personal experience- reference at least 2 concepts& cite at least 2 authors. Remember to ground you analysis of the problem in the experiences of real people

– Use your creativity, but also make sure all parts are addressed.

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