Intercultural Communications Contemporary Tensions

Intercultural Communications Contemporary Tensions

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Provide an example of an intercultural communication situation around immigration that remains tense. For example, you might briefly describe the cultural clash between migrants from S America and Mexico or the clash between Asian Americans and African Americans.OR Write about a personal intercultural tension you experienced. Examine historical, political, social, cultural, and communication issues that are often visible and invisible in cultural clashes. Use at least one source and relate the story to course concepts. * You must have a works cited/reference page.

Paper Format:

Typed, Times or Times New Roman, 11 Font, Double-spaced

Heading: Left Side of Paper, First and Last Name, Name of Assignment, Date, Class Name/ Time, and Title

Heading Example (Please note heading should be single-spaced and body of the paper is double-spaced):

Please read the following two documents carefully

Try to make as few grammatical mistakes as possible

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