answer a couple of questions

answer a couple of questions

I don’t understand this English question and need help to study.

I’m from Saudi Arabia, transferring from Boston. I started my 3rd year in college this semester.I used to major in Computer Science and I switched my major to Economics this semester. I started uni Sep 2017 and graduate high school May 2017. Never worked before, did some community work in ZAHRA breast cancer organization and helped in some orphanages.

I’m applying as a transfer student(Economics Major) to two universities in LA(Concordia University, Occidental College), I need answers for some questions. Next to each question I’ll state which university asked this question + how many letter/word count the question has. I really need to get accepted in both universities so please make it the best alluring writing you’ve ever written. Make it personal and unique, need everything to stand out. I’ve attached an essay I’ve written before to LMU, you can use some of the points that are great in answering these questions. Some points you can use:

I want to transfer because I want to be part of a community that prepares me to excel in order to give back to the community

1-Please provide a statement that addresses your reasons for transferring and the objectives you hope to achieve. (Concordia University + Occidental College)(2500 letter count)

2-Please share your background, why you are interested in Occidental College, and how transferring furthers your academic and personal goals? (500 words maximum length)

3-In which area(s) do you intend to major, and how have your previous academic experiences influenced this decision? (200 words maximum length)

4-To help us better understand your history, please provide us with a timeline of your activities and/or schooling since graduating high school. Along with dates, please include a list of schools attended, any interruptions and what you did during that time, employment history, and any notable endeavors you have pursued. Your response can be in list form. (200 words maximum length)

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