AOJ 206 Discussion Easy English

AOJ 206 Discussion Easy English

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Visit and review the website Iowa Cold Cases (Links to an external site.).

Locate three (3) cold cases and the detailed information behind the cold cases.

  1. List the names of the victims you have reviewed and a brief summary of the circumstances related to their death or disappearance.
  2. View the individual cases and identify similarities among them. Discuss these similarities and if these similarities are the reasons why these crimes have yet to be solved. Similarities may include the year the crime occurred, the cause of death, the victimology, if there are any leads in the case, the location of the body, or the types and amount of evidence present for the case.
  3. Discuss the challenges of what makes a cold case less likely to be solved after looking at your list.
  4. Discuss how a website like this can assist in an investigation. How can it be harmful to an investigation?

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