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Latin America is a magnet of European immigrants.

Recently, the mass influx into the European Union of refugees has been the subject of much media attention. This was the first time that the phrase "refugee Crisis" was used. Most people outside South America do not know that some South American nations were once important destinations for immigrants from Europe and all over the globe. Argentina and Uruguay are both as "immigrants" and as "European", as Canada or the United States. Spanish colonization of those lands saw native tribes being expelled and assimilated by Spaniards or destroyed. The Charrua, Uruguay's sole recognized indigenous tribe, has been lost to history. This is because colonists from other countries had to resettle the extensive grasslands of Argentina or Chile. Surprisingly there are more people with Italian heritage in Argentina and Uruguay that have Spanish roots. Italy was a major destination country for immigrants to the New World during most of the 19th- and 20th centuries due to political and economic turmoil, high unemployment and other hardships. This process resulted in the birth of Italian quarters within large U.S. metropolitan areas, but it also brought millions landless and poor Italian settlers to the greener pastures of Argentina or Uruguay. A quick glance at the ethnic roots of the Argentinean headsof state in the 20th- and 21st centuries will give you a comprehensive idea of the importance of the Italian element in the formation of the Argentinean country. You will find names like Eduardo Lonardi Arturo Frondizi Raul Albo Lastiri Leopoldo Galtieri Reynaldo Bignone on the list. Popular belief is that South America became a refuge for Nazi fugitives after World War II. Even if true, the vast majority arrived in South America as agricultural colonists at the invitation of their respective governments or refugees from religious persecution. Around 1850, the first Germans arrived at the Lake District of Chile to clear the rainforest and introduce advanced agricultural techniques to the area. The area had been annexed to Chile only a few short years earlier. Around half a million Chileans descend from German descent today. South Chilean culture and architecture have been shaped by Lutheran churches, German clubs, and schools for over a century. The Valdivia Beer Festival Bierfest Valdivia (similar to Munich's Oktoberfest) is celebrated with great success each year in Chile. The festival was initiated in Chile by Kunstmann, a local brewery that proudly bears the name of its German founders. Mennonites were another German settlers to South America. They are a Christian denomination that is known for its strict pacifism isolationism, conservative lifestyle and strict pacifism. Mennonites are now mainly located in separate rural colonies. They own thousands of acres of land across Latin America, from Mexico to Bolivia and Paraguay. Latin America is a country with a weak government and sparsely populated area. This made it a perfect place to establish a religious sect. We are confident that our history tutors will be able to assist you with any of your projects, large or small.

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