HAS TO BE DONE USING SPSS SOFTWARE (will attach the file later after pricing the quote ) 1 answer below »

HAS TO BE DONE USING SPSS SOFTWARE (will attach the file later after pricing the quote ) 1 answer below »

You will need to complete the following tasks in SPSS and then submit the following files online under “Assignment 2 final submission”. You will also need to print them out and submit them as well as a hard copy:

Activity 01:

Enter all datafrom the spreadsheet “Data for Assignment 2”into SPSS. You willneed toset upthevariable view with the following11variables and then enter the data in data view:

Activity 02:a)Do a frequency table, histogram, normal Q – Q and the de-trended normal Q–Q for each one of the11variables.
b)Do descriptive statistics (mean, standard deviation, minimum, maximum) for each one of the11variables.

Activity 03:a)Do at least 10 different correlations between the any pairs of variables: For example:oHI001_Final_Exam and HI002_Final_ExamoHI001_Assignment_01 and HI001_Assignment_02

b)For each correlation discuss the results:oArethey are positive/negatively correlated?oAre they weak or strong correlations?oWhat is the significance value?oWhat does the significance value revealabout the data we have used?

Activity 04:a)Do aCronbach’s alpha reliability test on thefollowing 9variables:HI001_Final_Exam, HI001_Assignment_01, HI001_Assignment_02, HI002_Final_Exam, HI002_Assignment_01, HI002_Assignment_02, HI003_Final_Exam, HI003_Assignment_01, HI003_Assignment_02.

b)Discuss the results.a.What item/s can be deleted to improve reliability?b.What items should never be deleted to maintain reliability of data?c.How many items need to be deleted to achieve maximum reliability?

Activity 05:a)Copy –paste the data view and the variable view from your SPSS file to a Word document.b)Copy-pasteALL theoutput fromall the activities requested in Activity 01 to 04 inSPSS andput the answers in the same Word document.c)Answer all discussion questions requested in Activity 01 to 04 and put the answers in the same Word document.d)Submit a hard copy of Assignment 02 Word document to Holmes.e)Submit a soft copy of the SPSS files used in SPSS and theAssignment 02Word document online under Assignment 02 final submission.


Because the data is already in a spreadsheet you can doFileà Open à select the spreadsheet in SPSS and will convert all data and variables into SPSS ready for them to use as a .sav file.

You will notice they need to do some tidying up such as remove text in some of the data, check variable view for correct use of data types.

All work is done through the Analysis menu:

Analyse à Descriptive à frequencies (choose statistics and charts to do the right stats and the histogram)

Analyse à Descriptive à Q-Q Plot

Analyse à Descriptive à Correlate à Bivariate

Analyse à Descriptive à Scale à Reliability Analysis (here they need to go into the options and choose “if item deleted” to get the results they need)a)All output in thespvfile can be converted to a Word document by doing File àConvertà choose word document.

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