fill in the blanks 61 is a collection of guiding beliefs standards or ideals that 4307222

fill in the blanks 61 is a collection of guiding beliefs standards or ideals that 4307222

Fill in the Blanks

61.____________ is a collection of guiding beliefs, standards, or ideals that pervades an individual or a group or community of people.

62.____________ is software that is illegally copied and then used or sold.

63.____________ are formal rules of conduct that a sovereign authority, such as a government, imposes on its subjects or citizens.

64.A ____________ is a succinct statement of the values that the firm seeks to uphold.

65.An ____________ is an effort consisting of multiple activities designed to provide employees with direction in carrying out the corporate credo.

66.A ____________ verifies the accuracy of the firm’s records and is the type of activity performed by external auditors.

67.An ____________ is not conducted to verify the accuracy of records, but rather to validate the effectiveness of procedures.

68.A ____________ is the same as an operational audit except that this type is ongoing.

69.Invisible programming values are those routines that the programmer codes into the program that may or may not produce the processing that the user desires.

70.____________ take the form of programs that are so complex that users do not understand them.

71.____________ includes intentional acts that cross legal as well as ethical boundaries.

73.The ____________ manages the internal auditing department and usually reports to the CEO or the CFO.

74.____________ deal with moral behavior and issues that are currently receiving legal attention.

75.The mostly widely publicized classification of human rights in the computer area is

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