Counseling Latinos and Latinas

Counseling Latinos and Latinas

Counseling Latinos and Latinas

A) Please read the directions carefully, as they are slightly different than what you have done in the past. DETAIL your answer for #9 and below questions.



9. Please discuss the use of “culture brokering” by the author.

Please answer appropriately, make sure answer integrates your reflections, thoughts, opinion, and review of the literature.



B) After you answer your selected question above, in the same original post answer the following questions: Imagine that Mr. Lopez is your client.

How comfortable would you feel utilizing the techniques that the author used (and why or why not)?

Think about your own culture, race, and gender and write about the impact that those factors could have in your relationship with Mr. Lopez.

Please elaborate on how you would build a strong counseling relationship with Mr. Lopez and what counseling techniques would you use (be specific).

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