Communication and Collaboration in Nursing

Communication and Collaboration in Nursing

Communication and Collaboration in Nursing; What is communication? What are the basic elements of communication? Why is non-verbal more reliable than verbal? How does critical thinking affect communication? What are the 5 levels of communication? What are the 6 aspects of verbal communication? What are the 7 aspects of non-verbal communication? What are symbolic and metacommunication?

What are the four identifiable phases and tasks of the nurse/patient relationship? (page 315) What are the 4 professional nursing relationships? What are the elements of professional communication? Why are some interactions/communication unsuccessful? Explain boundary crossing in the nurse/client relationship? What are the zones of personal space and touch? Have you ever seen a negative incident of this or experienced it? Describe this in your own words. What does patient-centered care require? What are some physical and emotional factors that affect communication?

What are some developmental and social factors that affect communication? What are the techniques used with therapeutic communication? What are some non-therapeutic techniques and how do they affect behavior in communication? What is the role of an interpreter? When are crucial times that you should request to have one? What are some ways that you can communicate with someone with special needs? (page 324) What are hand-offs and the importance of one? Name a common type used at Unity Point. How can you become a better communicator? Reflect on what you plan to do to improve your therapeutic communication skills?

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